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Allan Gray Advisory Services

To help you meet the challenges of managing an independent advisory practice in a constantly evolving environment, Allan Gray has established specialised support structures and services, including objectively researched third party service providers and a bespoke Practice Development Initiative.

Fina Metrica (The Risk Tolerance Experts)

Advisors rely on FinaMetrica’s award-winning risk profiling process to help clients stay invested and achieve their financial goals by delivering suitable investment advice.  Launched in 1998 and proven through market cycles, FinaMetrica is used by thousands of leading advisors around the globe to scientifically assess their clients’ risk tolerance, incorporate those assessments into the financial planning process and frame expectations more realistically. Over 850,000 FinaMetrica risk profiles have been completed to date. For further details visit www.riskprofiling.com.


FinaMetrica offers a special 20% discount to all Elite Wealth advisers, click here to subscribe and ensure you select Elite Wealth from the Alliance dropdown menu to receive your discount. We also offer a free 30-day trial, feel free to sign up for your 30-day trial account here.

Ric Consulting (Business Intelligence Solutions)

RIC is a recognised leader in the field of Business Intelligence in South Africa. They enable users to analyse, manage and understand their data. They achieve this by combining our experience and knowledge of Business and Business Intelligence.